How to setup a satellite dish   Astra 2 (principal the same for other satellites)

How to install satellite

Firstly assemble the dish and bracket, if you are using a sky bracket there are two ways to do it , flat and extended.You will need extended if your dish is more than 40 degrees of the wall.Flat is more stable if your wall is facing south east

After assembling the dish make sure the lnb is skewed slightly to the right (from behind for astra2) Before mounting the dish get the approximate angle of the dish ,the best way to this is by looking at other dishes,failing that just to the right of the rising sun or compass.Twenty eight degrees S.E.The satellite dish will often work behind a small obstacle or a larger obstacle farther away . The satellite signal comes down at around 50 degrees  so for example  if your dish is on chimney but the ridge tile is higher as long as you have 3 or 4 yards  and the ridge tile is not more than a yard above it will probably work.When you are happy your bracket will accommodate the angle required fix to the wall using plugs and bolts.

Fix the dish so that it is easily moveable but tight enough to remain in position,no looseness or floppiness .You will probably be using an inexpensive satellite finder.Beeping satellite finders take their power from the output of the receiver and need to be in series or in line with the lnb.The dis-advantage of these type is that they will beep on any satellite so if you get a beep(stonger beep for stronger signal)slightly tighten up and re-connect main cable to lnb .Go to the  receiver  and do a check from 13degrees onwards (hotbird) Do this by going to the menu and selecting different satellites to see which satellite is giving you a signal,if you are getting signal from a satellite less than 28degrees(ie 13 or 19) the dish will need to be moved slightly  to the left and to the right if greater.