Common problems with installing saorview

Q  How many Saorview points can I run of  1 Saorview Aerial?

A It is possible to run up to 7 or 8,if you are getting a good signal on one tv you should at least run 2 or 3 more,ie with good connections.

Q Can the saorview  aerial go in the attic?

A Absolutely, it needs to be pointing the right way (check saorview coverage map) ,and needs to be flat vertical or flat horizontal depending where you live.

How accurate does the saorview  aerial need to be?

A Within 15 degrees either side should be fine,you don’t need to be spot on.

Q How do I know if my tv is saorview ready.

A All flat screens are not necessarily saorview,firstly check the installation menu  on the tv does it have a digital option?If it does it is still not conclusive because it may mean it is mpeg2 (UK Freeview) Did you buy it in the UK over a year ago?You could at this point check the manual, your are looking for the mention of mpeg4. If you tune it in and you getting only RTE radio it means it is mpeg2 only.

Q What does Mpeg5 mean?

A To the consumer it simply means that the saorview box   has all the functions available from RTE. Teletext, 7 day programme guide and interactive services.Approved boxes always have mpeg5,some combos have mpeg5.

Q What is an approved saorview box.

A One that has mpeg5

Q What channels will be available on saorview.

A At the moment there is   rte1,rte2,rte1+1,tv3,tg4,rtenews now,rte junior there will be an oireachtas channel and an Irsh film channel and others.

Q When is the digital switchover date. analogue switchoff.

A 24 October 2012 . The same date for Uk channels.