If  your sky box is saying “no satellite signal”  it is most likely to be the satellite dish,lnb or cabling.

We are now doing a 7 day  sky callout (including bank holidays)  9am to 9pm

Call out rates

1    Call out to re-align a satellite dish    €75  (Includes nuts and bolts or cabling up to 10m) (No extra charge for roof access)

2    Call out requiring quad lnb  €20 extra

Fix your sky dish

7 day call out

3    Installation of extra sky point  €95

4    New dish and quad  €120

5   Inexpensive sky boxes and remotes available


Helpful hints if your sky box is saying “no satellite signal”

First check that both connectors look ok SKY engineers don’t use compress connectors they use hand applied and frequently come off.

If you have sky+ simply reverse the input cables at the back of the box, if it works then unplug input 2, if it still works swap input cables to see which is faulty.Then go to the spanner symbol press enter then press 0 1 select and change the box to single input mode.  (After every step you must remove the power from the box and wait until it reboots)

Now do a forced download (you won’t lose recordings)  Remove the power from the box,Press and firmly hold the back-up button on the box,re-introduce the power while firmly holding the back-up button and hold for 15  to 20 seconds until all the box lights come on ,you may have to try this a couple of times.


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